We’re Taking the Registry Beyond the Bridal…Lifeistry is your personalized catalogue of style!
Manage your kids birthday lists, find a charity to make a donation off their wishlist, follow your favorite brands, even see what you friends are loving right now!! Save, view, and share all of your favorite things – with all your favorite people – from an e-luxurious locale.
Curate your favorites in fashion, art, music, décor, and just about anything you can imagine!! Just in case someone is thinking of you, whenever you hit a milestone, they will know to come to Lifeistry for that something special, that we know you love!
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  • Once you find something they'll love on their registry, click the buy button to shop from the retailer's site. Let us know so we can help the recipient keep track!!
  • It will feel great to give something they Love! Avoiding duplicates & returns all at once!
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Receive gifts you’ll love.

  • Weddings, birthdays, housewarming, baby showers... Gather, curate & organize your favorites all in one place! Even organize by priority within a list!
  • Share it!! Share your favorites products or whole lists with friends & family. Make it easy for them to buy what you love!
  • Let Lifeistry communicate your favorites & gift giving lifestyle!!
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