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Wireless Headphones for kids

January 29, 2015

Lil Gadgets untangled pro children's wireless bluetooth headphones are AMAZING! My 16 month old loves them and they fit up to a 8 year old even! 

They work with my iphone 6 plus, ipad and computer!!

They are wireless but come with the cord, incase you need them on the airlplane etc.  They come with a battery & charger as well! 

They are lightweight, easy to clean and they stay on!! Plus your child won't be obssessed with pulling the cord in and out because they are wireless!! 

Not too mention they are well priced and on sale at $45 ... may need an extra set, incase they end up in a toilet or run over, we have seen both!

View Color choices below - (white is always chic) 

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