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Wine Up!

September 24, 2014

This is incredible!! A lot of wine sold at auction in Hong Kong for $1.6 Million

According to Circa News,

"A collection of 114 bottles of Romanee-Conti Burgundy wine sold at auction on Oct. 4 for $1.6 million -- setting the record for the most expensive single lot of wine, Sotheby's said. The buyer paid more than $14,000 for each bottle, roughly equal to $1,700 for each glass." 

Can you actually believe that?  Can you believe that a glass of wine could taste that good? 

What do you think the Burgundy taste like?

I am hoping it taste like gold at that price ...


While we look to find our fabulous Wine Editor - we have a few fabulous articles to share with you!! 

Let's start with this cheeky article about French wine makers, from the website PunchDrink .  

This article is adorable and one to read over a wonderful glass of vino ... perhaps! 

Two quotes from the article we loved! 

“The idea came to us one night over some drinks,” explains winemaker Mathieu Lapierre. He says it’s fairly common for the domaine to organize some kind of project to document the vintage. “There had been photo shoots during harvest before, but it had always been for purposes more documentary than artistic.”

"The month of May features none other than Mathieu Lapierre himself, heir to arguably France’s most influential natural wine domaine. He emerges from an old wine press wearing only a smile, embodying—quite literally—the domaine’s practice of additive-free, “naked” winemaking."

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