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Umm Yes!! Marine Layer

September 10, 2015

Is this the better JCrew? (Major understatement)  Is this the new surf meets business man, the updated casual? 

Well, all we can say is we are loving the early looks

for Marine Layer, a surf and everyday living lifestyle brand located on most coast - it is a fun and inspiring story! 

You can even take a rest in their AirBnB Locations above some of their stores! 

They have great casual chic looks for men with the below striped hoodie and the all so handsome quilted Collection!  

And who doesn't love a good outdoor duvet for that sunset cruise, campfire or just those lazy Sundays in the Fall laying on the hammock outside.

Their Puffy blanket works great! 

All around their price point is fabulous!  If you don't need casual, you can still enjoy their clever surf inspired names and playful website experience. 

We love the Collection for men, we are however going to wait out the collection for the ladies, it is tries for classic but seems a bit basic.  

The good news is the potential is there, we see it coming!!  We will be a client and we think you would love it too! 

Add to Your Lifeistry 

                          Marine Layer Puffer Blanket in Charcoal