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Tree of 40 Fruits

August 24, 2015

This to me is a gift of a lifetime, a tree that bears over 40 different fruits by Sam Van Aken, a Syracuse University professor (click to watch his video)

Van Aken has taken years to create this magical year, diagraming and documenting the journey with a video! 

The House Beautiful article explains, "He creates each tree through "chip grafting," in which he takes an already budding branch of a single variety of fruit, then transplants it onto his own working tree over a process of eight or nine years."  

"It started as an art project, I wanted people to have this experience where a tree is blossoming in all these different colors or growing all these different kinds of fruit all at once." While his inspiration was an early fascination with grafting, the project has grown into so much more over the years. Now, Sam cultivates lesser available stone fruit varieties on his trees.

Now this would be a gift that last a lifetime!