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The Chicest Flower Delivery - Gardenia

October 8, 2014

I don't know anyone that doesn' t love the Gardenia Flower.  And I couldn't love this cute story more!!  

 High Camp Supply was founded by two dear friends Susan Hanson & Margaret Well.  

Over the years, these two would always gift each other gardenias (yes please send me one)

& found the beauitful flower to be powerful and wonderful part of their everyday life.  

They spent years learning about gardenia farms in California and found local growers to ship these

beautiful flowers for their business.

Each bundle is picked and shipped the same day to preserve their beautiful scent and freshness!   Each gift box contains some on-the-vine gardenias ready to sprout and some loose blooms to display in water! 

P.S. You will love their adorable website too! 

Read more about them here at House Beautiful

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