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Sunscreen for Kids Face

February 17, 2015

How does one evenly get sunscreen to their scalp without matting their hair with lotion?  Even tho hidden spots behind their ears or on their neck just above their shirts?  Of course how many times has your little one cried from sunscreen in their eyes that last hours? 

Well, now you have a solution - and it is truly magical!!  Several companies make a suncreen out of powder with a brush attached ... yes!! Voila, you can brush on sunscreen like a blush - just shake apply all over head, face & neck for ample coverage!! (Of course re-apply often) 

We recently used this on a hike in the high country and it worked magically!! They don't come cheap but are worth every penny and last a long time!! 

We have two we love!!  Peter Thomas Roth & Colorescience Pro  or view more here at amazon prime!

We cover the rest of the babies in lotion but for their face, scalp and neck this is magical!! So much so we keep one in the stroller and one in the car!!  Thank us later!!