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October 21, 2014

Here we share with you all that a man needs!! And probably more! 


Here is what you need to know about the amazing Rolex Sky Dweller!  All the pretty facts we love and why your significant other will too! Whether it is a wedding gift or a thank you for being you, you just can’t go wrong. The Sky-Dweller is designed for the globetrotters, world travelers of the world.  It has a dual time zone watch that also functions as an annual calendar and was the first Rolex model designed with such features.

The Sky-Dweller is a dual time zone watch that also functions as an annual calendar, the Sky-Dweller was the first Rolex model designed with such features. This watch is made for people who travel from time zone to time zone and don’t want to fuss with setting their watch every time they travel. The central hands on the watch displays local time, while the central rotating disk shows time in a different zone. The watch’s black aperture shows the current month, and its calendar is referred to as the Saros annual calendar, a Greek term “used since antiquity to designate an astronomical cycle which governs the recurrence of eclipses.” The watch also automatically adjusts on the first of the month, whether the last month was 30 or 31 days long (or 28).

Each Rolex Sky-Dweller comes in one of three precious metals--white, yellow and everose gold. Yellow and white-gold Sky-Dwellers come with Oyster bracelets, while everose gold timepieces are available with crocodile straps.

Also, there won’t be any fakes out there, because this increasingly iconic Rolex watch is protected by not one, not two, but 14 patents. So weather you own a pre-owned or used Rolex Sky-Dweller you are getting a true lifetime watch. 

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Rolex Sky Dweller Watch


I don't know one man who wouldn't love these cufflinks!! Show-stopper, name-dropper ... Masculine & fabulous! These Shark Tooth Cufflinks from Ahalife are beyond amazing! If you haven't been to Ahalife - get on it!! Lots to daydream about ... luxury at its best!

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Shark Teeth Cufflinks from Ahalife


There is nothing more stylish than a man with a handkerchief and these ones from Handkerchief Heaven are amazing.

What man doesn't like fish! 

Handkershief Heaven Fish

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If you haven't seen Fort Standard yet - get to it!! 

This is the best site for innovative man gifts or in our case manscapes, he he! 

We are in love with these matches, how James Bond of him to pull these out to light a match! 

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