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Great Gift Ideas for Any Kids

October 3, 2014

Here is where we can share all our favorite Gift Ideas for Kids in General - anything from toys for tots to teens!!


Such a fun gift for all ages! Especially at the kids table when adults are dining - they can take apart the placemat to make fun faces!! Distract, distract & play! Lol From one of our favorite sites for gifts - High Fashion Home

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If you need a small gift for your favorite little girl, these are absolutely perfect!!  

Made by Boden (obviously) - these adorable slippers are just perfect and will bring a smile to any little girls face!! 

Mini Boden Bunny Slippers

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This is brilliant!! Do you have a growing son or daughter who shows interest in business or startups?  

This is the perfect gift for them!!  

If challenges them to be creative yet shows them the pitfalls and experiences of a business.  

Teaching them how to pitch,

guiding them through the ups and downs & showing them the potential rewards that can come!! 

Forbes features Joshua Corbelli and Leah Goold-Haws,

developers of Know Opportunity, the entrepreneurship board game - in a great article! 

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