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Fake it to Make it

April 2, 2015

There is some truth to this. I think visualizing yourself where you want to be, as if you are already there can work magic. 

Life is so fast and sometime uncontrollable, yet somewhere deep in our soul we can feel that there is more.  Elite Daily has a great article about how to get past a slump you may be in... bc we have all been there! 

Our quick version, you can always click to for a remind and a deep breath...

1. First, Acknowledge There Is A Problem - "Own it and move forward with good intentions and gratitude."

2. Recognize Problems. Seek Solutions - "On the left side of the paper, make a list of personal things you want to address. Then, draw an arrow to the right side of the paper and pose some solutions."

3. Be Clichéd And Fake It Until You Make It - Everyone thinks that making it big is just luck, but it is a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. Try practicing being happy for just one day and see how much better you feel!! And the join you can bring, by just smiling at a stranger, "No matter what happens during the day, make it a rule that you have to smile, hold your head high and kindly greet everyone — no exceptions."

4. Make It Right - Denial doesn't do you any good. "Address the issues head-on, with tact and honesty. It’s hard, but it’s freeing."

5. Stop Trying To Be Cool - This is all the ego speaking ... let it go, becuase that fight is with yourself and no one else. 

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