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Everything You Need to Know - Hermes

July 7, 2015

There is nothing more special that getting that beautitful orange box as a gift!! 

In my case it may even be for myself, and sometimes this is just what you need to get motivated and feel good!

There are some unique things I bet you didn't know about this classic Hermes Brand!  

Harpers Bazaar writer Lauren Chan did some research on Hermes and shares the best kept secrets!

Some cool ones: 

Hermes has existed for 177 years and began making saddles and harnesses. 

There are 315 Hermes Stores around the world!

The famous Kelly & Birkin bags are named after Grace Kelly & Jane Birkin! (click to see who they are) 

The orange box came about after World War II, due to a shortage of supplies, cream colored boxes with gilded edges.

The length of the thread used to make 1000 Hermes scaraves would equal the distance between the earth & the moon

She has many other pointw, the one I love, is that the Artistic Director, Pierre Alexis Dumas is 6TH GENERATION member of the founding family of Hermes!!

Small business gone Global! 

Of course my favorite scarves, I had made into pillows all over our house, they just make me smile!