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Environments Collide

January 22, 2015

The first thing most people think when seeing Mallon's photos is that this is an act of pollution. But the ongoing effort is quite the opposite. The stripped metal frames of the cars serve as breeding grounds for marine organisms that attach themselves to hard surfaces. The newly spawned life creates food for other sea dwelling animals, fostering a healthier habitat overall.

Could you image this? As our earth gets more and more depleted, how genius is it to re-use some of our man made products to re-create and give back to our natural world? 

Photographer Stephen Mallon was lucky enough to witness and document the spectacle over a three year period.  Reframe captures his images & article about this wonderful green project, by Michael Hession!

Mallon's images are still being exhibited years after the series was completed. Currently they are a part of the exhibition Patterns of Interest at NYU's Kimmel Galleries on view from February 6th through March 15th. You can also check out more of Mallon's incredible work on his website.