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Decor Envy

September 23, 2014

While you should probably save you ducks, we still think this would be the perfect gift for any new home!!

This Bank in the Form of Pig from Shophorne 

My darling daughter loves her & kisses Miss. Piggy every morning! 

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So have your heard of Oomph home furnishings?  If you haven't they are a must see - keeping beach chic & island life in any room of the house!!  

Their exquisite collection has more than one thing you will want!!

Embracing enchanting lines, unique shapes & incredible colors, it takes your breath away! 

We love their side table Tini II  

And we can't wait to sit in these adorable & chic side chairs, you must have a place you can put these! 

Tini Tufted Chair

Tini Tuffed Chair Ooomph


Have you ever seen wallpaper like this? It is not your moms wallpaper!!

It is so fabulous and brilliant you won't believe your eyes!!

Flavor Paper was founded on the Oregon Coast - a small handscreened wallpapper company called Age of Aquarius.  

Founded on the Oregon coast by a guy named Ted, this small handscreened wallpaper company flourished in the Age of Aquarius. Designing striking and elegant wallpapers the company was relocated and turned over to New Orleans, still using the traditional printing methods and vacuum table.  Design Huge scale murals, amazing photography and custom work -- it is by far the most unique wall paper out there!! It could be just perfect for you next room!! Here are two that our Editors love! 

Flavor Wallpaper New Orleans Decor

Flavor Wallpaper New Orleans Decor





33 Amazing Ideas that will make your House Awesome from the Bored Panda

We love the Stair storage, the door that turns into a ping pong table (who wouldn't love this!), the see through bathtub, the unbelievable book staircase.  How about the underground wine cellar fridge that is in the floor? Can we nap on the hammack above the staircase

If you are bored, for sure wander around the Bored Panda!!