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Bye Bye is Right!

September 14, 2017

I can't say enough about this eye concealer, life changer! 

It covers anything under your eye - yellow, purple, brown, red!  It is super easy to use and last forever!  I wish it came in a stick form, bc that would be insane! 

I use a small makeup brush to put it in the corner of my eyes, eyelids and undereye ... then I layer my foundation on top of it! It is looks amazing and last all day through the evening! 

It is a bit more tacky than your normal concealer but this is probably why it works so well! Ulta carries it along with Sephora, QVC, QVC comes with a brush too! 

Get it, I promise you, you will love it! (We found Medium Color was a pretty good fit for most of us)